Physics, Technics and Economics.

Collaborative Engineering & Advanced Control for Industries

Environment, competitiveness ANd sovereignty

Industries face a Mix of Complex Challenges


Control and reduce process emissions and products footprint.

Resource Optimisation

Adjust exact resources and target sobriety.

Flexibility Enablement

Source and smartly control new degrees of freedom.

Energy Resilience

Withstand Markets volatility and Energy grids imbalance.

Our human responsibility is to take care of our common Home. We must commit our creativity to protect both together Environment and Work.

Industries need to save Resources and Emissions – and We need to save Industries.

We believe that flexible assets is part of the Energy Transition solutions. Coupled with Advanced Control, enhanced Degrees of Freedom of a facility can cope with the complex mixture of Decarbonisation target, Resources & Energies instability and high quality Products.

we Are involved

From Research & Development to Project Enablement

Together with on-site experts, we define, develop and deploy the right adaptive solutions with Environmental and Societal ambitions.

We target new degrees of freedom of Processes and Auxiliaries to maximise profitable impacts within production target.

We model and adjust the Controllability of the overall facility within the Physical and Economical constraints.

We serve the cause

Our Expertise

Research & Development

Exploration of Physical, Technical and Economic potential of adaptation of industrial facilities.

Project Enablement

Engineering and Management of asset revamping and modernisation projects.

Advanced Control

Development and commissioning of control systems for optimised operations.

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